Computer Control

The computer control system that Lspas using is the most advanced technical from Australia – simple, multifunctional and durable. It places every spa function at your fingertips from water circulation, filtration, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, temperature preprogrammed, time setting, light operation to water pressure control. The digital touch-pad offers new standard readouts for easy reading whether you are inside or outside the spa. All the components exceed even the most stringent spa safety requirement.

SP601 GS501SZ
SP800 GS510SZ
SP1200 ML900

Wood cabinet and step

Beauty and strength are built into every cabinet and step as they are using Western Canadian Red Cedar.

Cedar fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist inset attack and decay. It holds handsome appearance with stability and durability. Various uses range makes it suited especially for high moisture items such as sauna room, hot tub and swim pool.

LED Light

LED lightThe Lspas LED light is color changeable and adjustable. You can adjust it through the computer control to meet your different requirements.

Light has a profound effect on our moods. Just as we all need exposure to sunlight, we benefit from the specific properties of the individual colors in the spectrum. Each color has its own wavelength and energy vibration – Lspas LED light doing different effects!

Chroma therapy uses various colors of light to help calm. As you lay back and relax with your lover or your family, listening the gentle music, you can see the water shooting and the beautiful color changing. All these add unique charm to your Lspas…make your life colorful.


Insulation is one of the important features of spa as people understand that it can save on energy costs.

Firstly, Polyurethane foam is used to seal the spa shell to ensure that heat loss is kept to minimum standard. Secondly, a tight cover is fitted for each spa to maintain water warm and also to protect dirts. Further more, a protective insulation layer surrounds the cabinet and sticking solid foam at the bottom are another optional barriers. All those distinct advantages allow people who wish to use spa and pool all year round.

Jet Function

JetJet system is setting for different purpose. Their variety action ranges are including: deep-tissue massage action, gentle massage action, rotating action, swirling action, focus-point pressure action, high-volume water action … etc. Some jets can completely change by a turn of the jet face in order to change the ideal massage action.

Stream currents from the swim jets are turbulent and very narrow. The water speed can be a racer’s pace. Diverter is a good helper to control the water flow direction by simply turning a knob – giving you an unexpected swimming experience.

Pump Function

People believe that a pump with higher horsepower means better jets performance. Also, people understand that a too small pump for the job will overheat and wear out quickly. Our designed systems in different models are using suitable pump quantity with efficient capacity based on various requirements.

Lspas with air bubbling systems include an air blower that pushes air into injectors. Where water jets provide powerful hydrotherapy but air bubbling therapy provides light sensation benefits.

The most sophisticated water management system maintains crystal-clear clean water at all time. Except the sleeping time, the circulation pump is automatically set on when you are not using the spa. It manages efficient in calm and silent to the water running slowly through the suction and the filter, coming out through the small circulation jets. In this way keep the water crystal clean and pure. Another unique feature for the circulation pump is that its running times can be altered to suit individual requirements.

Our manifold plumbing system making water comes from the pump and goes through the manifold to ensure water pressure is distributed equally to the clustering of jets. It also enables more secure fittings and enhances pumping efficiency.

Seat Design

Hydrotherapy recliners can help relieve the pain, the arthritis and other tired muscle related injuries. Not only does the warm spa water melt away tension and strain from your body, but with combinations of powerful and gentle massage jets, help you relax the body from head to toe. The seating design creates form-fitting spaces which can perfectly accommodate the human body. The theory of jets positions is based on the zones of reflex points that can provide acupressure treatment in each part of body.

The remarkable feature of neck jet seats with soft-around headrest is able to provide a comfort and support while massaging away tension in your neck and shoulders.